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I'm pretty curious by nature, so here's a place to ponder things and ask questions.

How DNA encodes behaviors
July 10, 2008

I've often wondered how DNA encodes hard-wired behaviors, such as a bird's intuition of how to weave a nest. Is it anything like how physical structures are encoded? Is it simply an encoding of neurons?

Radio static
June 9, 2008

Every weekday morning, our radio alarm clock goes off, and even though it's a local radio station, there's occassionally a noticeable amount of static. What I find really strange is that if you lift up your arm or sit up in bed, the static goes away. Why is that?

The brain and the balancing act of life
April 26, 2008

In life we're usually juggling quite a few things. There are a lot of variables, and keeping tabs on them, while optimizing all of the equations of life, some of them at odds with each other, can take a lot of energy.

Above it all, we try to arrive at happiness, joy, well being. It would be interesting to study the myriad of things that go on in the brain to perform the blancing act of life.