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Simple Exercises
October 5, 2013

Two exercises that I've been enjoying recently are vertical jumping and pushups done with your body in a "V" so that they are more like shoulder presses. Vertical jumps are great because they are an explosive exercise that you can do anywhere. They get your heart rate up fast, and improving your vertical is a fun challange. There's technique to it too, of course. The shoulder press pushups I like because they feel therapeutic. Sitting at a computer all day leaves my shoulders feeling goofy, and so having simple exercises that make things feel better is great.

September 19, 2010

So far this year:

Biked: 848 km (approx. 42.4 hours)
Ran: 135 km (approx. 15.7 hours)
Walked: 107 km (approx. 19.5 hours)
Total: 1090 km (approx. 77.6 hours)
Approx time/day: 17.77 minutes/day

9 minutes 30 seconds
September 8, 2010

Go out into the garage, disconnect bike from Chariot.
Ride 1 km from our house, up the hill to the corner of Laurelwood and Erbsville (3 minutes, 37 seconds)
Buy two slices of pizza.
Ride 1 km back home (1 minute, 55 seconds)
Put bike back in garage.

9 minutes 30 seconds

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