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I've enjoyed making noise as long as I can remember. Even though I'm in a league below "real" music makers, I still find my soul longing to make my own music. Here's where I'll post the "still rough around the edges" things that I record. For more background, read this.

Basics of home recording
April 18, 2008

Last week while I was looking over the DVDs at our local library, I came across a DVD about the basics of home recording. It was a great intro to the different types of microphones as well as how sound boards are typically used.

March 16, 2008

Before I can start recording music, I need to buy an analog-to-digital box for a couple hundred dollars. This is something I've wanted to buy for about five years now, and I think it's time I got one. I'd also love to learn a little bit about music editing software -- how to bring two lines of recorded music more in line with one another, etc.