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From time to time I have random thoughts that I feel like writing down, but they don't deserve blog posts, and I wouldn't be bothered to spend time trying to word them in an interesting way, so this page will be a place to scribble them down as I feel like it.

Canker sore
May 17, 2008

Every now and again I get a canker sore, but this week I got the mother of all cankers. Ouch!

Rusty screws
April 26, 2008

Something that drives me nutts is that when things are manufactured, weather-resistant metals aren't used in situations where they will obviously be needed. For instance, the screw that hold the handle bars of my bike to the handle bar post. It's completely exposed to the elements, and yet it's obviously made of a metal that isn't a bit resistant to rust.

78 Cardill
March 16, 2008

This week I went to a young adults event that was being hosted at a house that someone was house sitting at, and as I stood in the hallway, I sensed this strange feeling of "I've been here before". It ended up being the house of my landlord when I lived with 7 other guys at 78 Cardill. We went there one evening exactly 4 years ago to sign all of our rent cheques. Neat :)

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