LaserQuest VR

A realization today: In the near future, it would be possible to take a company like LazerQuest and have everyone wear a VR headset. You would no longer be able to see anything real around you, but rather the VR headset would be responsible for recreating the LaserQuest building as accurately as possible -- it would need to know with high precision where you were in the building, and what direction your face was pointing.

It would also need to know the precise positions of everyone else, to be able to digitally recreate them in the "game".

This would allow a kind of VR experience where you can actually run around, climb up ladders, etc.

And of course, now that you're in VR land, you could have monsters, robots, etc.

If the VR game made a wall look like a window, then the window could even open up into a larger part of the world... you might have tanks rolling down the street trying to blast you. Rather than a roof, you might have jets flying low passes overhead trying to get you.

I could imagine it being pretty compelling once the technology is powerful enough.