Toys toys toys

This year there are all sorts of cool toys that I'd enjoy playing with -- too bad they're so expensive :) Here's a list of things that have caught my eye:

1.The Nintendo Wii: I can't wait to try this thing. Brilliant move on Nintendo's part... I hope it does as well in the end as it has done out of the gate.

2.The Zune. I'm fascinated by this little gadget. The screen looks great. Too bad it's a bit chubby, but I could live with that.

3.PS3: While I would love to stare at this shiny object beside my TV, the going market value makes this impossible. Oh well :)

4.Xbox 360 Steering Wheel: I love racing games on the 360, so I can't wait to try this thing out. From the screenshots it looks as thought Microsoft has done a great job designing it.

5.Flight Simulator X: After just completed ground school, I'm intrigued by this 10th edition of MS Flight Simulator. The screenshots look great.

6.NHL 07 for Xbox 360: The demo for this game shows off some nice graphics and good use of the controller for stick handling and shooting. I'd like to try the retail version of this game. (The demo is limited to shoot outs)