Some random cottage memories

When I was about 10 I slept on a small single bed out in the porch at the cottage. I remember the sheets were purple and the quilts were varied patchworks, but I mostly remember the one that had reds, whites, and yellows. I would often wake up to a fly landing on my toes, which would be sticking out from the end of my blankets. Being out in the porch, the sun came up pretty early!

Last week I suddenly recalled back to before the time when I was comfortable swimming under water. I remember wading out into the lake with my older sister Rebekah and my dad. They were encouraging me to just dive under but I was timid. The second part of my memory is some short time later, maybe even the same day, when I had finally mastered this diving under the water thing, and my grandma would sit on the beach and watch as I'd run into the water and dive.

When I was pretty little I loved to collect things. At home, I would collect the plastic liners from underneath bottle caps. I loved the smell of them, and even now, smelling them brings back good memories. When I was at the cottage, I would roam the beach looking for those little unicorn-like sea shells that are only half a centimeter long. I'd collect them and keep them in a glass jar.