Laughing like you've never laughed before

We've all had a good laugh... sometimes, often when you're a little tired, if something hits you just the right way, you can almost keel over. But one winters night back in 2002, the Mac Truck of laughter hit me and knocked me down for the count. I was sitting at the computer and had discovered that you could have a lot of fun by writing a program to read in the dictionary and randomly pair words together. Reading through the random pairs was a hoot, surprisingly funny. Every now and again I'd call out to my room mate, Brent, and say "Hey Brent, what do you think of this one". I seemed to be finding better ones every minute, and then I asked "Hey Brent, do you like a frisky patroness"? I could barely squeel it out, and then I was done for... I fell to the ground and struggled to breath as I laugh, no squeeled, uncontrollably. And just when I thought I couldn't laugh any harder, my diaphragm convulsed even more, and as people walked by they must have thought a poor animal had been sent to the slaughter... it was unbelievable, and it was at least a minute before I got control of my breathing! Who knew you could laugh like that??