Music on the run

Last weekend, as I was heading out the door to attempt my first 32k run, I decided to take my iPod with me. Believe it or not, I've never tried listening to music while running before.

The morning was still fresh as I started jogging down the street, the sun relatively low in the sky. I popped in the ear buds and pressed play.

I was pleasantly surprised. The music really did add to the experience, especially on a Sunday morning when one is perhaps a little more attuned to spritual things. Another factor is that I had planned my route to pass by all of the memorable spots in Waterloo: Places I had lived, places where my friends and family are currently living, etc. It became a time to reflect and be thankful for a great eight years in this city. And because many of the songs are uplifting and praising of God, it was a special time to look up into the sky with slightly wet eyes and say thank you for the wonderful ability to run and the joy of being out in creation on another beautifully made day.