Added to list: 100 mile diet for 100 days

Last night Meredith and I had our small group over for a potluck meal, and as we considered what to do for our time together in the fall, someone had a great idea: Attempt the 100 mile diet for 100 days. Wow.

We decided to start on Feb. 15 2009 to give ourselves time to read the book and plan, and that would make the end date the annual Mennonite Relief Sale. We have all sorts of other ideas in terms of fund raising for the church's building fund by hosting a 100 mile dinner, etc., as well as fund raising for the relief sale.

It's all a little scary at this point, but I'm excited. It should be lots of fun and an amazing learning opportunity!

I think this might be my first "group" thing in my list of 99 things. I'm looking forward to it.