When We Left Earth

It was quite cute: When Meredith and I were waiting in the Orlando Internation Airport for our flight home, I was standing there in the NASA shop watching some video on the upcoming Constellation Program, and Meredith would keep finding things that I might like. Everytime she'd find something, she'd come over and pile it up in my arms, and I had to laugh, because it was almost all stuff that only I'd like. What a sweet heart.

One of the things was the DVD set of When We Left Earth, produced by the Discovery Chanel. When we got back, I finished the whole series in about a week.

I've always felt like the Apollo program happened centuries ago, so seeing this in-color, high def footage of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs really brought it to life for me. A fantastic series for people who are drawn in by the mystery of space and the adventure of manned spaceflight.