The planning begins!

Here we are, approaching the summer of 2009, and while it's still unclear whether the trip will happen, it's time to start planning in the case that things work out! A lot of it depends on how easy going Eli is. So far he seems like a fairly typical newborn :) And of course, it will depend on where Meredith is at. Only time will tell.

As for the other guys, it sounds as though everyone else is out. So sad, really... but I guess that's life. Matt may join me for a bit he says.

Tonight I spent a couple of hours reading journals of people who have done it and following along their routes on Google Maps. I also watched a video on how to replace a flat tire :)

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, so hopefully I'll be able to get out for a ride.

On Tuesday evening, Meredith and I went to Ziggies so that I could show her the bike I'm interested in. Since I'm not going to be hauling a lot of gear (support vehicle), the guys at the store recommended a road bike rather than a touring bike. (The other factor being that I'd like to do triathlons with it) The model I decided on was the entry level one, for about $950. I think it's this one. I went with the white color so that I'll look spiffy in a red Canada bike jersey. Isn't gear fun?! Can't wait to get this road bike when it comes in. Apparently I'm a size 62 frame.