Grocery shopping

Today was the first day I had been in a grocery store since spending some time working on some nutrition software.

To give some background, I have written a subroutine so that you can ask "recommend a food", and the software will consider what foods will maximize your nutrition graph for today -- that is, to minimize the amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients still required for the current day, given what you've already eaten.

I have noticed that this subroutine often recommends foods such as:

GoLean cereal
Raisin Bran cereal
orange juice
cranberry juice
chicken breast

And so, as I walked along I had it in my head to pick up some GoLean, Raisin Bran, OJ, bananas, pears, etc.

In addition to picking these items up, I was more interested in comparing the nutrition labels on various kinds of bread, as well as orange juice. I chose the bread that minimized sodium while maximizing omega-3... and I picked the orange juice with 30% DV of calcium; I got the PC variety rather than the Tropicana variety since it was $2.99 VS $4.50.

I real breakthrough was finding Miss Vickies unsalted chips. They're just potatoes and sunflower oil, and they taste great! I can't believe it: A potato chip with 0 sodium!

I have also started entering costs into the system so that, while maximizing nutrition, it will also minimize cost. Fun stuff.