Good Job Ray

Ray Kurzweil has some pretty elaborate and seemingly unlikely theories about the future, but reading the following was a wonderful thing:

"I get very excited about discussions about the true nature of consciousness, because I‘ve been thinking about this issue for literally 50 years, going back to junior high school. And it‘s a very difficult subject. When some article purports to present the neurological basis of consciousness... I read it. And the articles usually start out, “Well, we think that consciousness is caused by...” You know, fill in the blank. And then it goes on with a big extensive examination of that phenomenon. And at the end of the article, I inevitably find myself thinking... where is the link to consciousness? Where is any justification for believing that this phenomenon should cause consciousness? Why would it cause consciousness?"

It's very rare that I read someone's thoughts about consciousness and think "Wow, this person really gets it, they're thinking about it in a very similar way to how I think about it".

But I have to say, this was very encouraging.