Having an Android phone and iPhone in addition to a BlackBerry

This week I decided that in addition to owning a BlackBerry, I should own an Android device and an iPhone. I feel this way because never having owned an Android or iPhone, I feel somewhat ignorant. I want to have a clear sense in my head how well various use cases are executed on each of the leading platforms.

I also think it would be useful to be able to experience the leading apps on each of the platforms. As an app developer, it's a shame that I have no idea what the top Android and iPhone apps are, or what they're like.

Another pull is that, working for Wolfram Alpha, I want to be able to play with devices that integrate our knowledge engine: Siri and S Voice. Back in October, before I had had so much success on App World, I almost switched from BlackBerry to iPhone because of Siri. Siri represents many of my CS passions converging, so not having Siri is a bit odd for me.

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S III today from Wind Mobile, and I've been delighted with the device as I played with it this afternoon. I will share my early thoughts in a separate post.