Flix Windows App

Flix makes use of a light weight app that runs on your PC. It is free to download.

Once it is installed, it will appear in your Windows tray:

Note that you may need to click the little "up arrow" in your Windows tray to see the icon:

Installing the Windows App

Some users have reported the error A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine. If you run into this, please use this installer.


<< Click here to install >>

Depending on your web browser, you may need to manually start the "setup.exe" program once it has downloaded.

Once you have started setup.exe, you will likely be greeted with a window such as:

Click "Run".

When you click run, you should see:

... followed by:

Windows 8 users: The following two screens will need to be navigated. I'm not sure why Windows 8 blocks the program by default. If you have Windows 7 or earlier, you won't see this:

When the program first runs, you'll be given the following prompt for installing the audio driver.

Click 'Yes' to install the audio driver. (Note that on one system I tested the installation on, the "cmd.exe" window took 70 seconds to finish its task and close)

You will also likely see the following prompt:

Once the driver Windows disappear, you should be all set!

The first time Flix runs, you will probably see a prompt such as:

Depending on your Wi-Fi network settings, the check box that is checked by default may vary. Typically you should leave the default check boxes checked, or check both of them. Click "Allow access" to allow your BlackBerry to talk to your PC over your Wi-Fi network.

You should have a new icon in your Windows tray:

As mentioned above, this icon will become hidden shorly after installation. If you need access to it, click the little "up arrow" in your Windows tray:

Congratulations! The Windows app is installed. If you haven't already, search for "Flix" in App World on your BlackBerry and install and run the BlackBerry app!

NOTE: Some users find the first time they try Flix, the audio comes through as static. It is adviseable to restart your computer after installing Flix if you run into that issue, and the problem should resolve itself.

NOTE also: The top banner of this website has a "Help" section that can be used to resolve a variety of issues that can occur. It might be wise to have a quick look there before you try the app out incase something doesn't go as planned.

Norton Sonar

If you have Norton Anti-virus and Norton Sonar mistakes Flix for a virus, it may remove the program. I have contacted Norton and requested that they add Flix to their "whitelist". I needed to do this for previous apps such as my iTunes Sync app as well. If Norton Sonar blocks the program, you may see:

Click the "Options" link at the bottom.

Then click "Restore & exclude this file".

Now you should be able to click your Start button and re-launch Flix. Note that the program group folder is named "Daniel Bigham".