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NOTE: If you are having any issues with the program and would like to resolve them, please send me email at rather than posting a review stating what your problem is. Unfortunately, developers have no way to contact people that leave reviews to help them.

Did You Install The App On Your Computer Too?

Sync for iTunes consists of two apps: One runs on your mobile device, and one runs on your computer. If you haven't installed the app on your computer yet, click here:

Ensure Wi-Fi is Connected and Working

If you are using iTunes Sync with your BlackBerry phone, make sure you have Wi-Fi enabled and connected to your Wi-Fi network. To check this, go to your BlackBerry's "Manage Connections" screen (the icon looks like a radio tower) and verify that "Wi-Fi" is checked. Also make sure that the name of your Wi-Fi network appears next to the checkbox. If not, scroll down to the "Set Up Wi-Fi Network" menu item and click it to walk through the WiFi network wizard.

If this still doesn't work for you, there may be some issue preventing your BlackBerry from working on your Wi-Fi network, even though it tells you it's connected to your Wi-Fi network. (I've had this happen before on my 9900) A way to test this is to go back into your "Manage Connections" screen. The following instructions are for BB OS7, but hopefully they work on previous OSs: Scroll down and select the "Wi-Fi Network" item. On the resulting screen, hit the BB menu key and select "Troubleshoot". On the resulting screen, select "Ping". On the "Ping to:" line, type in the LAN IP address of your computer. (As noted elsewhere, this can be found by right clicking the iTunes Sync icon in your Windows tray and selecting "What's my IP address?", or on the Mac, clicking iTunes Sync in the Dock and clicking the "What's my IP address?" button) Once you've typed the IP address in, hit the BB menu key, and select "Send Ping". If your Wi-Fi network isn't working, you'll see:

Ping #1: Ping request timeout
Ping #2: Ping request timeout
Ping #3: Ping request timeout
Ping #4: Ping request timeout

When I observed this behavior, I unplugged my router, plugged it back in, and then tried again, and everything was fine.

If you are having trouble connecting

Ensure that your Windows Firewall has an exception to allow Sync to talk on your local network. When you started Sync for the first time, it likely caused a Windows dialog box to be displayed asking if you want to "Unblock" the program and allow it to talk on either the local and/or remote networks. Hopefully you clicked "Unblock". If not, these Windows Firewall exceptions may be missing. If you are finding that the program cannot connect, then you should probably start by disabling Windows Firewall to remove the possibility that this is the cause. Also note that if you uninstall and re-install the Windows PC program, it should prompt you again for whether you want to unblock the program, so if you missed clicking Unblock the first time, that will allow you to have a second chance at responding to that dialog appropriately.

If you got any sort of errors during the installation of the program, it may be due to a virus checker interfering. For example, Norton seems problematic. In these cases, disable your virus checker, uninstall Sync, log off of Windows, log back in, ensure your virus checker is still disabled, and then reinstall Sync. Then, check to see whether it is working properly.

If you are still having trouble connecting:
Open a web browser on the computer running Sync, and go to:
You should see a message "Hello!". If you don't, it indicates that Sync isn't running properly. If logging off of Windows and logging back in doesn't fix this, then please contact me by email: 
If that worked, go to a web browser on another computer running on your Wi-Fi network and go to the same address, but substitute for "" the IP address of the computer running Sync (which can be found by right clicking the icon in the Windows Tray and selecting "What's my IP address?)
If that doesn't display the "Hello!" text as it did on the computer running Sync, that indicates that something is preventing other devices on your network from connecting to your computer on TCP port 4556. Usually this is a matter of disabling Windows Firewall, but if that still doesn't work, please contact me by email and I will try and help you troubleshoot:

If not all of your songs are getting sync'd

The primary cause for this is that if your iTunes music is DRM (digital rights managements) protected, then it can't be used by mobile devices other than Apple products. To check this, right click on one of your non-sync'ing songs and select "Show In Windows Explorer". If the file extension ends with ".m4p", then it's DRM protected. Fortunately, Apple allows you to pay an additional 40 cents to free your music forever. The relevant URL for that is:

If your virus checker is preventing installation

Be rest assured that the PC program doesn't have a virus. I uploaded the EXE to a website that runs it through virtually every virus manufacturer, and none of them flagged it as being a problem. As noted in a section above, disable your virus checker, uninstall Sync, log off of Windows, log back in, ensure your virus checker is still disabled, and then reinstall Sync. Then, check to see whether it is working properly.

If the download link on the web page doesn't seem to be working

For the Windows PC version: Try right clicking this link and saving the .exe file to your hard drive, and then run it from there.

Does the program run on Mac?

Yes. The mobile app is the same one, while the download for the program that runs on your Mac can be found here: Sync for Mac.