Name:iTunes Sync
Publisher:Daniel Bigham

  • If clicking the "Click Here to Install" text below initiates the download, but the setup.exe program doesn't start automatically when the download finishes, be sure to start it by opening the downloaded attachment.
  • If nothing happens when you click the "Click Here to Install" text below, you may have a program such as BitDefender preventing your download. In that case, right click the text instead and save the link to your desktop. When the download is complete, double click the setup.exe program on your desktop to start the installation process.
  • If your virus checker warns you that the program contains a virus, rest assured that it does not. I have run the file through an online virus checker that runs all of the major virus programs, and the file is clean. If your virus checker is giving you difficulty, you may need to disable it and then try installing the program again. If the program appeared to install even though your virus checker displayed warnings, and you get errors trying to start iTunes Sync, then uninstall iTunes Sync, disable your virus checker, and then re-install iTunes Sync.
  • If upon running setup.exe your computer simply opens a web browser with a bunch of XML code, then you will need to install this first: Windows Installer 3.1
  • If you have any difficulty getting the program to work: Click here for possible solutions

Click Here to Install

NOTE: You may instead want to download my Windows app named "Sync" which can be used with more than just this mobile app. (Supported apps: iTunes Sync, Print, and Send To PC)
Click here to download Sync.